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CHERI interview: Booty Queen AJ Applegate

PORN VALLEY, CA—AJ Applegate was born on Long Island and raised in a sleepy bedroom community in Connecticut. As a kid, AJ was a dancer and cheerleader. As an adult, AJ is one of the hottest, most intense sexual performers in adult entertainment, with a special penchant for taking big cock up her butt. AJ is ArchAngel’s reigning Booty Queen, a title she earned through sheer hard work in scene after scene of bowel-shaking anal sex. Applegate’s a wet, horny, cornhole-craving, assstretching, anal-lovin’ sex fiend! Besides recently winning an XRCO award for Anal Specialist, she’s also a certified Zumba instructor.

How honored are you to be ArchAngel’s new Booty Queen?

AJ Applegate: It was definitely an awesome moment when they asked me. I came up with the concept last year, but then they made Jada (Stevens) Booty Queen. That was fine. She deserved it. She’s got a great ass and she knows how to use it! But I was so thankful when ArchAngel asked me to be the new Booty Queen. It’s special because I feel like I earned something. It wasn’t just handed to me. I had to earn it. I was really thankful and grateful.

Is it true that Jada Stevens actually hand-picked you to succeed her?

AJ: That’s what I heard. I think she thought I was the best choice to come after her because I had planned on doing an anal and a DP scene, so I think it was the best choice.

What are some of the ArchAngel titles you have appeared in?

AJ: Ultimate Blonde, Pour It On, My Face 2 and Booty Queen 2 to name a few.

Your reign as Booty Queen lasts one year. Do you know approximately how many titles you will be performing in?

AJ: I was supposed to do 14 or 15 scenes this year, I have shot a bunch already, I’m not sure how many I have left to shoot for ArchAngel.

Did you always have a big booty?

AJ: Yes! I was always known as the blonde cheerleader with the big butt. I hated it when I was younger. All my girlfriends would be like, “Oh my God, your butt is so big!” They would make fun of me, but guys would always hit on me. Now, I am glad I have a big butt! It works!

What are some of the qualities the next Booty Queen needs to have?

AJ: Professionalism is a huge thing. Showing up on time. Being prepared. Promoting the companies you work for and the scenes you are in. The girl should be really good at anal, and should have a unique ass. And she should be able to twerk!

What is the best and worst thing about being a porn star?

AJ: The best is that I get to experience all these amazing sexual adventures. I mean, you can probably get gangbanged in real life, but it probably wouldn’t be as safe, or turn out as well as it does on an adult film set. I look at all the things I have done, and I realize that not many people get to live the life I have. Not just the sex, but traveling, meeting fans, it’s great! The worst part is how some people judge you, but I’ve learned to ignore them.

How did you come up with your porn name AJ Applegate?

AJ: I worked under the name Kaylee Evans for my first six months in the business, but people always told me I looked like a young Christina Applegate. AJ was my coed name so I went with that.

Birthday: Sept. 23 Hometown: Massapequa, NY
Height: 5’2” Weight: 118 lbs.
Measurements: 34B-28-38
Movies: The Booty Queen 2 (ArchAngel), Up Her
Asshole 4 (Evil Angel), Ass For Days 9 (Diabolic),
Gangbang Me (Hard X), Ass Worship 14 (Jules Jordan)

What would you say are your best and worst physical features?

AJ: Everyone would probably say my ass, but I would say my eyes. I think my eyes are pretty unique. My worst feature? My knees! I hate them! They are so ugly!

Are you a dominant or a submissive person?

AJ: Definitely dominant; I felt I was submissive when I first came into the industry. But then I learned you have to really ask for what you want in order to enjoy this business.

Do you enjoy anal in your personal life?

AJ: Yes. I do anal in my personal life, but not as often as I do it on camera. Since I do anal so much at work, I like regular sex when I am home. But I will do anal at home once in a blue moon…no pun intended! I play with toys a lot when I am warming up.

Do you masturbate often?

AJ: Yes; once a day if not more.

What do you think about?

AJ: Dirty things. I like to think of fem-dom things, like pegging guys and cuckolding. That’s the kind of stuff I like to watch at home.

Did you masturbate today?

AJ: Yes, this morning.

What sexual fantasies have come true for you since entering porn?

AJ: Definitely being able to have sex with all these beautiful women. Before I got into porn, I was really into girls, but I didn’t know how to go about that. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish in your personal life! Also, I had my gangbang, my DP, I’m able to squirt now…I feel I’ve developed so much sexually.

What is it like be naked at work?

AJ: I love it! At home or when I go out, I often forget I’m not on set, and I’ll forget to wear clothes! I love being carefree and being able to express myself around all of these awesome people.

What advice would you give a regular guy who wants to date a porn star?

AJ: Don’t brag about how big your cock is. Honestly, you can’t compare sex on camera with sex off-camera. Just be genuine, and be yourself.

Where is the wildest place you’ve had sex?

AJ: It is not so much a place, but my first boyfriend went on vacation with my parents and I, and we all shared a two-bed motel room. My parents were in the bed across from us, and we waited until they fell asleep to have sex. It was so bad, but we were so horny! It was fun but scary!

What is the one sex toy you could not live without?

AJ: My Hitachi wand, no doubt.

Which of your movies are you most proud of?

AJ: The Booty Queen 2, for sure.

What male and female celebrity would you most like to have sex with?

AJ: I’m really not into celebrities; if I did decide to have a threesome, it would be with two regular human beings.

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