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Fox interview: Continental anal star Sasha Rose

Sasha Rose: “Oh, I like all sex I like men and women and I like more than one at a time, too. I have not been shy sexually and that could be why I am in this business. For me, it come natural and I like to do it a lot.”

I see Sasha sitting on a loveseat with a donut and energy drink in her hands. I politely wait for her to finish her donut and walk over to intorduce myself. In her best English, she greets me back and invites me to sit next to her. I oblige and pull my laptop out of my briefcase. She watches me with fascination and then turns slightly towards me, adjusting her butt and opening her legs slightly. Of course, I only notice as a neutral observer.

FOX: It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Sasha. I love the blonde color of your hair. Is it natural?

ROSE: It is now. I’ve been blonde for many years that I do not even remember other color. Well, I did go through phase a while ago and my hair was blue and pink and green, and painted my lips black. I am glad to be over that. But are you trying to find out – how you Americans say – ‘do the curtains match the rug?’ What a silly saying. You have many of them, don’t you?

SASHA ROSE has become a huge star on the con-tinent, working the major hot spots like London, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest, and her favorite, Stockholm. Because of her blonde locks, she feels she blends better in Northern countries.

FOX: Well, yes and no... We can’t ask that very often anymore because there is no rug down there.

ROSE: (laughing) Yes, you are correct. I also do not know of many women who have hair there. Many directors and performers prefer that way, so I keep I interview mine shaved and smooth for sex. I think it gives younger look for the camera.

FOX: I noticed in almost all of your photos and videos that your nipples are always quite hard. Would you care to elaborate?

ROSE: Yes, but I do not know ‘elaborate.’ (Sasha turns to a girlfriend sitting nearby and mouths the strange word) Oh, that means to tell you more... I do not know that, but if you say so. I know my nipples are very sensitive and I like that. They get hard at touch and especially when another person licks or pinches them. But also it is photographer asking me to make hard for photo shoots.

FOX: So you’re here in Los Angeles. Is this your first trip or have you been here before? And do you like it with all the people and traffic?

ROSE: I have been two times before. First time I was not making videos or photos but here with my boyfriend. We were here with group visiting museums and Pacific Ocean. The next time was to do photo shoots and I did three videos, all with my boyfriend. This time I will be here for two weeks and work every day – except Sunday. I like to make videos and meet new people. I also keep eye to director to learn what they do because I want to do it when I stop having sex for camera. But I do like sex business and I will be directing first movie in Spain in a few months.

FOX: That’s wonderful. I’m sure you will be a great director one day. Until then, can you tell me what kind of sex you like, both at home and on set.

ROSE: Oh, I like all sex I like men and women and I like more than one at a time, too. I have not been shy sexually and that could be why I am in this business. For me, it come natural and I like to do it a lot. At home I do less than I should because I fuck on set all day. It is hard to keep boyfriend when I fuck all day, so now I live with two other girls. One is in the business, too and the other is her lover. Now I just have sex for camera.

FOX: Tell me about having sex for the camera.

ROSE: I like the video, but the pretty girl is hard for me. The photographer always give direction... ‘move this, hold that, more smile, no smile.’ It seem like they always tell you what to do. In videos, I can move free and move with a partner. It is just more real than still photo. I like to have all kind of sex, but I am famous for anal. I think sometimes because I am small, my butt cannot take a big cock, but then I’m surprised to find that they all fit. And I know guys like to fuck my butt because it is tight and suck their cock in.

FOX: How much longer will you make movies?

ROSE: I do not know. For now it is fun and I travel the whole world. I do not know many business that you can do that for. And I meet all kinds of nice, and sometime not so nice, people. I like the nice ones. But, like I say, after sex job, I want to direct and tell others what to do. They will laugh at first hearing from such a small person, but they will learn!

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