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Friends with great benefits

Two uninhibited blondes with gorgeous bodies. Here I find myself involved in an awesome threesome with two gorgeous women.

Last spring I met a lady from Jack-sonville who said she was in the process of developing a new golf course around Pensacola. She said she liked how I handled my job as landscaper and asked if I would partner in landscaping the new course. I could hire local help as long as I oversaw the projects. That was last year and Brandi, and I have been successful be-yond her expectations.

However, now she has tried to start a non-business relationship with me. For many reasons I do not want one. She is an attractive woman, just the kind that would be far too into a serious relation-ship, and with being in a busi-ness together, things could get all messed up pretty quick. I’m in my mid-twenties, don’t know what my future will hold, have been called handsome, and blessed with an eight inch cock that many women have always loved. I have told Brandi that I don’t want a relation-ship with her, yet she keeps trying.

Brandi has a boarder, Alyssa, just out of college, who has a very nice body and pretty face. She is tall with full, firm (I assume, not hav-ing touched them) breasts and has a sexy way about her. She always has a date and many guy friends that come around. I had noticed her body but never thought of her in any other way than my partner’s boarder. Now, Alyssa’s moved into Brandi’s house because she just broke off a bad relationship. Brandi still works at home so I’ll often drop off some of our busi-ness’ paperwork for her to review at home.

I stopped by one morning to drop off files from the last week. I always call ahead because it’s the polite thing to do. Today, Alyssa answered the phone and told me it was okay to come over. I came in and she offered a cup of cof-fee and sat down with me at the kitchen island.

Shortly afterwards she asked if she could ask me something with-out offending me. Of course, I said, and then she asked me if I was dating Brandi. I said I was not and had no intention of do-ing so. She said Brandi sometimes leads others to think that she is in a relationship with me. I told her that’s been an ongoing problem, but I have told Brandi many times that would not happen.

We paused the conversation and each took a sip of our drinks. I asked about her boyfriends and she said she was just about over men. She said every guy she sees wants a relationship and she doesn’t. I asked her why she would go out with them if she did not want a relationship. She said she hoped I did not think badly of her, but she really loves sex. I did not know what to say, other than I can understand and who doesn’t like it. We each took another awk-ward sip and momentarily avoid-ed eye contact.

Then she looks directly at me and asks if I’m sexually active. I thought very hard, feeling she could be fishing for info on Brandi. She could see my hesitation and let me know this was only between us! I felt better about that, and let her know I have had sex with a couple women lately but run into the same issues as she has. She laughed and said both of us just wanted fuck buddies. I laughed and said that’d be perfect for me.

Again the awkward pause and then she said the two of us should be fuck buddies. Like the movie Friends With Benefits, she said. You know, no love, no commitment, no relationship, just sex.

I swallowed long and hard and fake laughed at what she said, thinking she was joking, but she looked at me with big doe eyes and I quickly had to regroup. I told her I laughed because it’s not that I wouldn’t want to fuck her, or that I did not find her attractive. I told her she is very sexy, and if things were different it would be a great idea. Then she said she found me very sexy, handsome and quite fuckable. I froze and did not know what to say. Fuckable? She stood up, walked over to me and started kissing me. I stopped her and said we shouldn’t do this. She was not having that, she kept kissing me and slid her hand down on my now growing cock.

She stopped kissing me and takes her top off and tells me how much she wants to suck my cock! I looked at her perfect firm breasts with perfectly tanned areolas. Then she dropped to her knees and had my pants open and cock out in no time. When she saw it, she gasped at my fully hard rod saying it’s the biggest cock she has ever touched. She starts slow-ly working my cock over, talking dirty and telling me how much she loves cock. As she keeps working on it, she told me to strip, and how much she loves being naked. She gets her shorts off and never stops on my cock.

I was trying my hardest not to cum too soon and pulled my cock away for a bit. She knew why I did that and stood up, and I had my hands all over sexy body. It was incredible to enjoy her sexy body. I picked her up and set her on the kitchen table. She asked me to be careful with that big cock and go slow. I laughed and told her it wasn’t big cock time yet, and I had to taste her sweet little pussy.

I lifted her legs up, and started on her shaved pussy. She was enjoy-ing it, and kept talking dirty and sexy. I stood up with my big hard cock and aimed it at her small hole. She warned to be gentle and go slow. I eased it slowly into her, being gentle, taking my time working more of it in. Finally I had most of it inside of her. I started working full strokes in and out of her, as her pussy stretched wide to take me in.

As she became comfortable, she told me to make that pussy of hers moan; how much she loves a big cock, and I could do what I wanted with her, and she would do anything I wanted! Then she jumped off my cock and bent down to suck it more and lick my balls. Then she took me by the hand and led me to the living room where she got on her knees and told me to get that cock back inside her. We fucked and sucked for two hours and two orgasms – each. We crashed back on the couch and from time to time she would suck my cock some more, and telling me how much she loves sucking my cock.

Trying to get me hard again was her goal, but I was going to need some rest. We talked some more about being fuck buddies and since that day we see each other about every other day. We have talked about fantasies; hers is to lick pussy, but has not brought it up to her girlfriends. I told her I would love two women at one time, enjoying my cock. She said we should work on those.

That next Friday when she comes over, she tells me she has a girl-friend who wants to get together with us. I could not believe my ears, as she has set it up for Sat-urday night – tomorrow night. She said she got her friend to join us after she told her I had a big cock, and she wants to experience one.

The next night comes around and they both show up. Alyssa intro-duces her friend Corrie, and im-mediately says we all should get naked. Her friend was hot and sexy; she was shorter and had a firm, young body with nice large breasts. I notice her friend check-ing out my cock so I move over and kiss Alyssa and start rubbing her body as her friend watches us.

In no time Corrie grabs my cock and starts to stroke it. They both drop to  their knees and start work-ing on it together.
After several minutes, my knees started to buckle so I suggested that we all move to the bedroom. We all got in bed and I had Cor-rie on her back licking her pussy, and Alyssa gets behind my ass and pulls my cock back to suck it, every now and then licking my ass. Alyssa asked me if I liked her friend’s pussy and I said it was delicious. She then moves up to watch me lick her friend. As I licked Corrie, Alyssa, moves her mouth in to have a taste. I moved my cock up to her mouth and she just started sucking on it. Eventual-ly we all fucked and sucked till we crashed. The girls spent the night.

We vowed to keep this between us and never tell her Brandi.

In the morning the girls woke up and went to make breakfast. I got up and went downstairs. I heard something in the living room and as I walked in, I see them eating each other out on the sofa. I walk over and offer my cock to Corrie’s mouth and she goes back and forth between my cock and Alyssa’s pussy. Then she takes my cock and puts it in Alyssa’s pussy and I start pounding it into her. I was ready to cum and Corrie pulls me out and drains my cum into her mouth. Then they went back to lick-ing each other to  climax.

They finished up and we all cooked breakfast. I tell them I’m the lucki-est guy to have two hot sexy girls as friends with great benefits. We vowed to keep this between us and never tell her Brandi.

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