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Viewing publications

Open a browser on your iPad or iPhone and visit Log in with your credentials and navigate to "My library" where you will find all the publications that you purchased. To view a publication simply tap on one of the cover images.

Please check your browser's settings and make sure that cookies aren't being blocked. On an iPad with iOS 7, you will find the "Block Cookie" setting within the Safari node of the decvice's settings. It should be set to "From third parties and advertisers". On an iPad with iOS 6, you will find a little bit different setting called "Accept Cookies", which has to be set to "From visited".

My Library ]

Notice: On the new iOS 11 download might not work. We are trying to find a solution #asap #iOS11 #offline.

Viewing offline

At the moment, videos are not included in the offline version due to the nature of IOS devices. We will try to find a way around that, but we're pretty sure you will have lots of fun with this, regardless.

The offline viewing is available on iPad, iPod and iPhone devices. Here is a step-by-step guide to viewing your magazines offline:

1. Use the web browser on your iPad and visit the Skinmagz website.

2. Find the magazine you are interested in and tap the "View Offline" button beneath the cover image.

3. After the magazine opens in a new browser tab, select the browser's share icon, as shown in following image.

4. Within the pup-up menu, first select the "Add to Home Screen" option...

5. ... and then select the "Add" option.

6. You will be returned to the home screen where a new icon will appear.

7. Click the new icon and wait until files are downloaded (the download speed will depend on your wi-fi bandwidth). After the download is complete, you will be able to view the magazine without an internet connection.

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