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Of Boobs and Butts

Before she could do anything, he grabbed both her wrists putting them behind her back and holding them there. This position brought them tightly together, and he kiss-whispered into the pulse point on her neck just below her left ear, “Happy anniversary, babe. I’m in charge here tonight. You’ll do whatever I say and you’ll enjoy whatever I do.”

Liza was so excited about their upcoming anniversary she went for a Brazilian wax, manicure, pedicure and a brand new hair­style. They had been together only eight months but the excite­ment was still new and the adven­ture still made her tingle. Tony was a different kind of lover. One that cared for her, but made her earn his love. Not like Alek, her husband, who just seemed to go through the motions. Ten years of going through the motions with him was no longer exciting and Liza was feeling the best years of her life slipping by.

Her husband didn’t get in the way of their celebration

Thursday was their anniversary and Tony made special plans for a night out including dinner and romance. Liza was all excited and used her favorite excuse to leave her house and Alek. “I’ll be making those newest clothes with the girls till late tonight be­cause we have to get the designs shipped out tomorrow, so don’t wait up for me.” Alek barely looked up from the television and the football game as she headed out the door. She arrived at the restaurant to find Tony stand­ing by his car in the parking lot with a small gift box in his hands. She walks over to him and with a small kiss on the cheek they go inside.

Like most things with Tony, din­ner was wonderful. Great food and nice conversation with talk of travel, sex and finally the pre­sentation of her gift. She resist­ed all evening to ask if it was for her, because it obviously was. “You can’t open it until we get back to my house.” he said. She smiled and shook it gently near her ear.

When they returned to his house he began putting his plan into operation. They settled in the liv­ing room and Tony turned on the television.

“Do you wasn’t to watch any­thing in particular?” she asked. “You. Writhing in passion, com­ing multiple times, screaming my name.” he said. Smiling, she decided to play along, “Really. So you think you can do that?” “It’s what you asked for, isn’t it?” he responded. “And now you are going to get it!”

Right on cue, he lowered his mouth and his lips descended to hers, devouring her with his hungry kisses. She felt herself responding to his fierce pas­sion, scarcely noticing when he had drawn her to her feet and began stripping her of her cloth­ing. Distracted by his lips and tongue in her mouth, she did not notice her semi-clothed state un­til his hands closed around her ample DD-cup breasts, his fin­gers swirling over the sensitive nipples, making them stand up.

He took her hand an firmly pulled her to the bedroom. She stum­bled to gather her clothes and he turned back to her and said “Leave them.” There was a small lamp glowing in the corner of the room, illuminating the bedroom with a warmth she liked. As she felt the backs of her knees touch the edge of the bed he dropped to a crouch before her, taking her last remaining item of cloth­ing, her panties from her. She now stood naked before him, a fact that he used to his advan­tage, nibbling and caressing her flesh, paying particular attention to her now stiff nipples before dipping down to part her rapidly moistening labia and swipe his tongue across her pussy lips.

Before she could do anything, he grabbed both her wrists put­ting them behind her back and holding them there. This position brought them tightly together,

and he kiss-whispered into the pulse point on her neck just be­low her left ear, “Happy anniver­sary, babe. I’m in charge here tonight. You’ll do whatever I say and you’ll enjoy whatever I do.”

Tony was an aggressive lover, but he hadn’t talked like this be­fore. She closed her eyes and moaned, and he continued, “You are mine! To do with as I please!” he growled into her neck, then pushed her gently onto the bed. She was a feast for his eyes. Her eyes were fixed to him as he began to remove his clothing and as he removed his last item of clothing, his fully erect cock sprang into her view and she un­consciously licked her lips. She lunged forward, engulfing him between her lips and began to suck his throbbing cock, as he hissed in appreciation of her skills.

He quickly moved to straddle her head, keeping his cock within reach of her mouth, while allow­ing his tongue access to her tasty treasure. She moaned around her mouthful when he flicked his tongue across her labia, be­fore settling to licking her clit, eliciting moans from her as she continued to work his rod with her sucking mouth. But eventu­ally she couldn’t hold her head up anymore, and she dropped it back to the pillow.

With that he carefully rolled off her and the bed, and bent to retrieve a few necessary items from his closet. A large foam wedge he placed under her butt, lifting her pelvis off the bed. He then retrieved the other items; a bottle of lube and the gift box he had given to her at the res­taurant. She opens it to find a beautifully designed crystal butt plug. Under different cir­cumstances perhaps, she would have thought it a little unusual or even perverted, but under these circumstances, she was thrilled to receive it and use it.

Tony returned to his task at hand and went back to devouring her tasty wet pussy. He licked her clit, sucked her plump slippery lips into his mouth, and delved his fingers into her pussy to coax pleasure out of her g-spot. She moaned and writhed against his fingers pulling them deeper into her pussy. Tony reached for the new toy, wetting its tip in the velvet folds of her tunnel, getting it thoroughly wet before sliding it into to her tight puck­ered ass. He turned the vibra­tions on to half speed and began to work the tapered tip of the plug into her, all the while con­tinuing his oral assault on her throbbing clit.

He pulled the plug back a bit and quickly added a squirt of lube from the bottle to her ass and the toy. Sufficiently lubed, he began working it farther up her back tunnel, slowly stretch­ing the ring of her sphincter, the slight rubbing against this sen­sitive taboo spot adding to her arousal, making her moan and writhe even more energetically. They had been experimenting with anal sex for a few months, adding it into their repertoire occasionally, slowly increas­ing the size she could take. This plug was their widest yet just over the width of the head of his rigid cock.

As he finally worked the full plug into her ass, as the widest point passed her sphincter, she exploded into orgasm, thrash­ing and squealing, his tongue a blur across her engorged clit. The pleasure seemed to go on forever and the plug in her butt, prevented from expulsion by the slight constriction just past the widest point, caused her anus to tingle with naughty delight.

As she came back down from her high, he placed his throbbing cock at the entrance to her now sensitized vagina and began to slowly slide it into her. The rea­son for the wedge under her now became apparent as the angle this cause the head of his cock to rub against her g-spot with every thrust. She found herself beginning that climb to ecstasy again before she had even fin­ished coming down from the first one. Seeing her reaction, he began to thrust into her with increasing speed and force, am­plifying his efforts by turning up the speed of the vibrating plug still deliciously stretching her ass, until she was once again on the cusp.

He leaned down, again ador­ing her full heaving breasts and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hard and push­ing her over the edge again into orgasm narrowly avoiding that fate himself. “I’m going to cum in your ass, baby.” he said. Flushed with excitement, he pulled out of her, reached down and gen­tly pulled out the now silent plug from her rear. Adding another long squirt of lube to her quickly contracting ass, he placed the head of his cock at her back door, and began to push his rod into her ass. At this new inva­sion, her eyes flew open. Biting her lip at the strange sensation of his smooth hard cock in her ass for the first time, he proceed­ed to slowly feed the rest of his length into her. “Take me all the in and get ready cause I’m not going to hold back much longer.” he insisted.

His near-orgasm of a minute earlier, almost set him off on his first stroke into her. Tony’s need to take it slow to allow her to get used to this, worked in his favor, letting him settle down little by little until he was seated firmly in her anus. Pulling slowly back until only the mushroom head of his cock remained embedded in her, he added another squirt of lube along his length. The slight rubbing of his shaft through her now aroused sphincter, began once more to send jolts of plea­sure to her molten core.

He once more reached down to her still sensitive clit, rubbing it fast. The tight passage push­ing him all too fast toward his climax, as the friction along her ass-ring blended with that of his fingers on her clit. It was to be slow, but after less than two dozen slow strokes, he found himself uncontrollably thrust­ing out his orgasm, spewing powerfully into her ass until she reached her third climax of the night. Pulling himself out of her, he then pulled her against him. He felt her large breasts squish against his chest, their panting, heaving chests pressed tightly together as they wrapped their arms tightly around each other, kissing passionately between long, deep breaths.

Looking into her eyes with a naughty smile he said, “Happy Anniversary.” he gasped.

“You’re the best.” she gasped.

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