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Wild in the Crowd

I got bolder, holding my hands on the girl’s bouncing chest and levering them in between my cock and her ass. I pulled my zipper down and reached in to pull it out of my jeans. It was as hot and throbbing as everything else as the sounds of music drenched and rocked the stadium. 

I picked her up at nine.
She was ready and looked the part. We were off to a music festival, the last of the sum­mer. College started in three weeks so we were ready for a big blowout. I drove and we got to the venue about ten that night. When we arrived, it was a rolling sea of human­ity, the stadium shaking with the crowd and thunderous music.

Magnolia and I with about 10,000 other jumping, scream­ing, seeing people strained to see the stage. The band was some alternative rock trio, warming up to the main act, and everyone was warm — steaming hot, in fact. Mag­nolia was into the music so deep, I hardly recognized her, hopping around and shaking her head throwing her arms all over the place.


I was standing right behind her, jammed up against her. The girl’s long hair smacked my face, the backs of her hands smacking into me, her butt and body sliding up and down my front side. I was sporting a hummer to show for her efforts, not that any­one cared or noticed.

And as Magnolia gyrated her burning body against me, I got a righteously dirty idea about how I could really get off on the music. My girl­friend was wearing a tube top and pair of shorty shorts. I grabbed onto her like I need­ed support, rocked by the people around us – grabbing onto her big awesome boobs.

She hardly took notice, jumping up and down like a mad woman. I gripped and squeezed her boobs, pressing my erection into the warm cleavage formed by her fleshy butt cheeks and the stretch­ing material of her shorts. People jammed in from all sides, and I jammed into lus­cious Magnolia’s backside.

Her booty shimmered and shuddered against my pulsat­ing cock. Her boobs jump­ing in my sweaty hands. I started jumping around with her, rubbing my friend into her twin mounded backside. She glanced back at me and grinned, her face shining with droplets of sensual perspiration.

I got bolder, holding my hands on the girl’s bouncing chest and levering them in between my cock and her ass. I pulled my zipper down and reached in to pull it out of my jeans. It was as hot and throbbing as everything else as the sounds of music drenched and rocked the stadium.


Then I wedged my fingers into the back of Magnolia’s shorts and pull them par­tially down. Her plump butt cheeks plop out into the open right up against my hard on. I slammed it in between her bare cheeks, sneaking my cock into her soft butt cleav­age, and pumping. She let out a squeal and rattled her head and her butt back and forth, as the lead singer up on stage incoherently shouted into the microphone.

I re-wrapped my arms around Magnolia, only this time I pushed my mitts right up under her top and grabbed onto her bare tits. Fuck, they felt good! Like my cock in her butt cheeks. I squeezed them, right there and rolled her rigid nipples between my fingers with my other hand.

The decibel level hit almost 200, the crowd roaring as the shirtless drummer beat his skins like they were on fire. I pumped Magnolia’s butt cleavage to the rhythm to her frenzied jumping, hanging onto her boobs and pinch­ing those nipples until she squealed. Sweat poured off my face and body, my cock felt like a length of steel be­tween Magnolia’s ass bumps.

The music and my ardor got harder and faster mauling her boobs, both of us getting closed in on and getting jos­tled on all sides. I’m not sure she even fully realize what was happening, or fully cared. But my bouncing sack was boiling over, the impromptu public booty rubbing and titty groping driving me wilder than the long-haired freaks up on stage.

“Fuck, yeah!” I grabbed Mag­nolia tighter, clutching her tight to my burning body. And then I really went with the music, carried away by the passion. I dropped the hand off her boob and down onto my dick, pulled it out of the girls ass cleavage and pointed it at her slit. I probe her kitty with my cock, finding her gash, just as wet and juicy as the rest of her – finally find­ing her wet opening.

I speared my cock into Mag­nolia’s pussy, driving fast and hard, as the music, upped its tempo. She kept right on bouncing around, her spas­ming fuck muscles sucking on my cock, the girl not even aware in the frenzy.

No one else noticed, either, too busy yelling and scream­ing and singing, surging up and down in the sea of hu­manity, but I know this and so did my cock. I squeezed the crazy girl’s boobs and pumped her slit, thrusting my hips to the frenzied beat of the mu­sic, pounding in my cock like the lead guitarist was pound­ing out the cords.

It was a crazy trip, totally wild. Magnolia jumped around on the end of my shunting dick, fucking herself as much as I was fucking her. I buried my face in her sweet smell­ing hair and fucked her pussy and pinched her still hard nipples.

My hips pumped fast, my hands gripping and crushing her boobs. Then I jerk, jolted by fiery orgasm. Jizz jetted out of my stiff cock up into Magnolia’s love tunnel, filling the oblivious girl to overflow­ing. I sounded off harder and louder than anyone.

When the song was over and I was drained, I calmed down a bit. Magnolia looked back at me. “You really got off on that one, didn’t you?” she said smiling. I nodded, blink­ing stars out of my eyes, slid­ing my cock out of her pussy.

Magnolia turned to me, wrapped one arm around my neck and gave me a big sloppy kiss. With her other arm, she reached down and grabbed my cock just as she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. I returned the kiss and let her squeeze my cock before stick­ing it back in my pants.

It would take two more songs and the shirt off my back to get us separated and cleaned up a bit. Not that anyone noticed. The concert ended and everyone headed out. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me and running for the exit.

Looking back at me, I heard her say she was going to fuck my brains out, but I think I left them there in the arena. Anyway, I didn’t need them to fuck her silly.

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